For Pack 188 the cost of scouting includes four things:  

National & Council Registration Fees (new scouts at time of initial registration)

Uniform (varies by rank but can last multiple years, except Lion)

Annual Dues (about $17 per month)

Camp-outs and additional Activities



When a new youth registers to join a Pack with BSA, there are initial National Registration Fees - $72 annually which is prorated based on joining month and a $25 joining fee.  The $72 National fee along with Greater Tampabay Area Council fee of $33 (total $105) is annual, however after initial registration this fee is absorbed into the Pack's annual dues requirement.

What does the National and Council portion of the Membership Fee pay for?

  • Program curriculum development and safety standards development

  • Training curriculum development 

  • Development of Youth Protection resources

  • Technology development and upgrades such as the new Cub Scout Leader Meeting App and Scout Book

  • Camp usage and Trainings

  • Insurance coverage- Costs continue to increase especially at a substantial rate for insurance coverage

Note:  none of this fee goes directly to Pack 188.

Adults that wish to volunteer as a member of the committee or program leader also have an annual registration fee of $45 for National which includes cost of background check, on-going training, and Scouting Magazine.  This fee does need to be paid annually along with our Greater Tampabay Area Council fee cost of $21 for a total of $66.  Less than $6 a month, a minimal investment for the youth of Pack 188.  *Dedicated fundraising option to help reduce the cost.